Colin started out his radio career on BBC Radio Leeds at the ‘ripe old age’ of 15 a week before leaving school, and then worked the clubs as everything from compere to bingo caller!

He joined Yorkshire Television in 1975 after being on several ‘not so legal stations’ in admin and did some stand-in work at Pennine Radio and Radio Aire, before doing a stint in Hospital Radio

In 1984 Colin moved to the North East of England to work at Tyne Tees TV, a station that didn’t stick to job descriptions – if there was a ‘Job’ to do, you did it… so he ended up doing everything

from Accountant to Continuity Announcer, and then made the move into Management and retired from Broadcasting as a senior Manager at ITV PLC in 2010.

Since then Colin has presented programmes on several Internet Stations. His music passions are wide and varied from Northern Soul to good old fashioned Rock Music.


al and jordan 11 stormjordan 11

Jordan…..Fridays 6 to 8
as one of the youngest presenters at just 17yrs old, Jordan is fast growing in popularity his cheeky chart and dance show air’s on Friday evening between 6 & 7 pm , Jordan has also dj’d on Reading college radio and has taken several lead roles in school productions , as some of you may or not know Jordan suffers from severe autism, but loves nothing more than to entertain and bring you all your chart favourites, he also likes being his dad’s sidekick” first mate Jordan” on the feel-good Friday show


al 11

Alan Michel.. Friday’s 6 to 8
Aka captain Al, with wife Rose , son Adam and Jack Richards, co founded power radio back in April 2014. Al comes from a musical background having played bass guitar in a modern country band for 18yrs.. First got into radio back in 2013 doing special occasion shows with son Jordan on another internet station, since being on power many new friends have been made,and many to come . “I enjoy the challenge of finding remixes of older tunes, although Rose seems to be able to find them quicker, and far better mixed”… Catch Al each Friday between 6 & 8pm , and on the odd Bank holiday, oh and don’t forget Christmas


Caroline first got involved with music and discos at the age of 13 at school.

She liked it so much, as soon as she could, she got her own equipment using the princes trust and started storm discos after that it moved onto angels entertainment and took on large venues for lady’s nights corporate events large charity events along with being resident dj in clubs in Nottingham and Eastbourne.

In 2010 she had all her equipment stolen for her lockup and had to start all over again after recovering from the theft she was doing some smaller discos to get the big show back on the road.

At that time she met craig who still had his disco in moth balls and persuaded him to let her join the two shows together and she was off again doing the shows she loved doing Craig at the time was doing shows for power radio and got her involved with the radio.




Saturday breakfast show 10 to 12


Craig has been involved in music in one way or another in the early years of his career he built his own mobile disco and did discos for all the local schools did weddings birthday discos ect.

That was just the start then moved into the clubs as a dj then setup a small radio station ( AM pirate )

He lived in Spain for two years presented as a stand in dj for valle radio before getting his own show it was on valle that craig got his nickname CORKY the story goe’s that the owner of valle radio had a night club and craig said he could drink one shot of each bottle on the shelves and fell over at the corkys  hence the name corky.

Came back to the uk and presented a show on AMR RADIO — EASTBOURNE RADIO and now on POWER RADIO and STORM FM


jack savage ON STORM

Friday’s 8 to 10 Friday night thumpers

Jack the man that wherever he lays his hat he calls home. A life spent in music as a Dj, Producer, Engineer, Radio Presenter, Jack has many different faces and Names when it comes to the music industry.
The Radio Presenter
The Producer making his own tracks since the early 90’s
Ghost writer
The Dance DJ that plays house / techno / tribal at clubs festivals worldwide
For many years a record label owner / promoter running dance events as well as owning and running bars / pubs and clubs.
Getting Jack to write anything about himself impossible, getting Jack to talk impossible to Stop.


robin_dee wednesday


Wednesday’s from 7

Robin Dee hosts “Robin Dee’s BIG Country”, a fast-paced show playing the very best in New Country and Country Rock from many new unsigned artists with their own original material.

Robin says, “It’s a barn-stormin’ dynamic show which only goes to prove that there’s a lot more to country music than songs about the crops failing, the dog dying, and Grandma being hit by a train! If a song’s got a pickup truck, a dusty road, and a beautiful girl in it, then it gets my vote!

“A little bit about me? How long have you got? Very briefly, a lifetime of experience in radio presentation and production over the years, beginning with hospital radio, then local commercial radio, progressing into internet radio which I have been very active in since 1999. All of this alongside my main careers of car salesman, used car dealership proprietor, retail petroleum equipment engineer, and finally, truck driver. Now retired, I can dedicate my time to my first love – radio!

“Music tastes? All 60s and 70s, the more obscure the better! But I like modern stuff too if it’s good. And of course ALL country. Just love it!

“Other interests? Radio, music, mountain biking, classic cars (own an MGB), dining out, oh – and did I say radio?

“Anyway, here’s a warm invitation to join me on “Robin Dee’s BIG Country”, where the coffee pot is ALWAYS on, there are huge helpings of Grandma’s home made apple pie, and if you’re really lucky, a shot of Grandpappy’s finest moonshine! Y’all call in now!”




Intro to Mouth Meltdown Fridays at 4pm

There’s nothing complicated about this show, it’s just me sharing some of my favourite tracks, having a bit of a chat and maybe dropping in one or two features as the mood takes me.

Typically I play popular music from the seventies onwards. Why “Mouth Meltdown”? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

Having lived “Down South” for most of my life, my roots are still firmly entrenched in the North East of England, among the beautiful countryside of the Durham and Yorkshire Dales.

I consider myself very lucky as when I was a child my Grandparents had a farm and I had an idyllic childhood as weekends were spent on the farm talking to the animals and playing on the farm machinery the health and safety police wouldn’t allow that these days!

Eventually I had to grow up and get a job. 🙁

At eighteen I joined the Fire Service where I made some great friends and, as you can imagine, had some very moving experiences.

Life has taken me many places since then, bringing me into radio at a pretty late stage in my life, however I enjoy it enormously, sharing my love of music with my audience and chatting about anything that comes into my head.